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The Amberen free trial currently comes with 2 main options. Plus, you can also get an Amberen coupon code with your no-risk Amberen free trial.

amberen free trial

Amberen Free Trial: Options Available

For Amberen's Free Trial

If you're looking for to get your trial of the Amberen menopause natural treatment supplement, you've come to the right place.  You can either click the image above, or you can continue reading to learn more information abut Amberen and, in particular, the free trial.

Before we get into this article, it should be known that Amberen is not a traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Instead, it is a viable, natural, and cost-effective alternative to HRT.

The Amberen Free Trial:

Why Lunada Biomedical Offers A Risk-Free
Trial of Amberen

The reason why Lunada Biomedical, which is the company behind Amberen, can offer a risk-free Amberen trial is because they're confident it'll work for you.

In fact, according to 2010 statistics, for 92.6 percent of women who tried Amberen, it worked (they went on to purchase it).

And, of course, for any business to be a good business, it has to have a great, solid product. That's what a lot of women are assured of when they take the risk-free trial of Amberen.

Does Amberen Work? Yes, And Here's Why...

To understand why Amberen works, it's important to know what goes on in a woman's body during menopause. You probably know that one of the key characteristics of menopause is decreased estrogen levels. And, with decreased estrogen levels comes hormone imbalance. These decreased estrogen levels, which lead to homonal imbalance, cause your body to react in certain ways.

These reactions are some of the most recognizable menopause symptoms. Hot flashes are a very common menopause symptom. Low energy, night sweats, and mood swings are a handful of the other symptoms of menopause.

Amberen works to address the main cause of these menopause symptoms: hormone imbalance.

And, unlike most drugs and other menopause treatments, it does so as naturally as possible. In fact, Amberen's molecules are biologically organic, which means they can be easily recognized by your body.

When Amberen restores your estrogen levels and your hormones are back in balance, your symptoms may disappear, because the cause of those symptoms has been relieved.

Lunada Biomedical: A Better Business Bureau Member With A Very High Rating

Lunada Biomedical is the company behind Amberen. Lunada is actually a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), with whom it has a very high rating. Lunada has been a member of the BBB since 2008.

For Lunada to maintain its rating with the BBB, it has to have satisfied customers. This is because it cannot maintain its rating if gets a significant number of complaints. In fact, as an accredited member of the BBB, Lunada has agreed to be a business that acts with ethics, satisfies customers, and responds to any customer complaints.

Of course, this is good for any current or future Amberen customer.

Amberen's Free Trial Is A 90-Day Program With A 30-Day Guarantee

The reason why Amberen's trial is a 90-day program is because it's recommended that you take Amberen for 90 days, twice a year. You see, Amberen is effective enough that a 90 day program can last up to 6 months. That is, you take Amberen for 90 days, and after those 90 days, you may not have to take Amberen for the following 90 days.

But, if you're like most women who have tried Amberen, you don't have to wait 90 days to see results: you may likely see results within 30 days. That's why Amberen comes with a 30-day guarantee.

Amberen's 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Depending which Amberen free trial option you decide to order, the specifics of the 30-day guarantee will vary.

Having said that, here's a general statement of the 30-day satisfaction guarantee:

Try Amberen for up to 30 days. If, within that 30 days, you're not satisfied, simply return your remaining supply of Amberen. (With the free trial, you get a 90-day supply.) Depending on the free trial option you choose, you'll either get a refund, or your card won't be charged. Regardless of the Amberen free trial option you choose, you'll only pay for shipping and handling.

The 2 Main Options With The Amberen Free Trial

Although you can choose to simply get a one month supply of Amberen, the free trial is for a 90-day supply, which you can cancel within the first 30 days.

Amberen Free Trial Option #1: Pay for your 90-day supply now, and get one month free. That's a savings of about $50, and works out to 55 cents/day. This option is covered by Amberen's 30-day satisfaction guarantee: you can cancel within 30 days, and you'll be refunded, minus shipping and handling.

Option # 1 is the best value, because your Amberen supply ends up costing you 55 cents a day.

Amberen Free Trial Option #2: You don't have to pay for your 90-day supply now. With this option, you only have to pay the shipping and handling today.

With option #2, your 90-day Amberen supply will cost about 83 cents/day.

This option is also covered by the Amberen 30-day satisfaction guarantee: if you choose to cancel within 30 days, your card won't be charged anymore. Simply send back the remaining supply of Amberen, and you'll only end up paying for the shipping and handling.

If, however, you are satisfied with Amberen, and choose to continue with it, you'll be charged at the end of 30 days.

Bonus Value: Free Consultation When You Become an Amberen Customer

Wouldn't you love to speak to a nurse who can help you with your menopause issues? That's what you're entitled to as an Amberen customer. Other companies charge up to $60 (or even more) for this, but as an Amberen customer, you get up to 15 minutes per day of menopause consultation with a Nurse Aid nurse.

Current Amberen Coupon Code: 5YEARS

Amberen's been helping menopausal women for over 5 years, and to celebrate this, the 5YEARS coupon code gives you a 5% savings when you get your Amberen free trial.


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